Educating yourself on how to make the life changes you want is crucial.

This Recommended Reading Page shows a range of books that have been significant on my journey to Different.


Parker Palmer

Palmer is a great starting point

for mustering the courage to have life your way. Using his own story, Palmer is vulnerable and engaging while he delivers unmistakable wisdom and guidance for your own path.

At 128 small-format pages, it's one of the most meaningful quick-reads you'll ever find.


See It and Seize It

John C. Maxwell

A long-time guru of personal growth and business leadership, Maxwell condenses pithy keys to going for your dream in this well-designed, graphically enjoyable book. Yet, despite its simplicity, the book delivers powerful insights for those on the road to Different.


Gary Wilkerson

According to Wilkerson, the spiritual underpinnings of a successfully different life rest in knowing that the Creator cares. When we focus on the deeper aspects of a meaningful life--forgiveness, grace, peace, restoration, and joy--our outward lives change in response. If you think of doing Different as a "step of faith," Wilkerson's approach will encourage you.


T. Harv Eker

If fighting the financial battle to do Different feels like your biggest issue, Eker's book is a must-read. He delves into the thought-life required for opening you to being successful in making and keeping money. He shows how to root out deep-seated hang-ups and, even better, how to replace them with healthy, productive thinking.


Daniel Lapin

While financial well-being is not the only element of successfully doing different, it is significant. Lapin provides an in-depth treatment about why you will do yourself and most everyone around you a favor by becoming financially healthy.


Joe Greene

"Which biblical principles are the ones that won't work?" Joe Greene asked colleagues who doubted he could run a multi-million-dollar company based on teachings in the Bible. But Joe's winsome stories from youth to old age show how the concepts work wonders in business and life. 

(I'm also a "writer-for-hire," and you'll see from the cover that I had a hand in writing this one.)


Michael Hyatt

This book delivers exactly what the subtitle promises: A 5-Step Plan for Achieving Your Most Important Goals. If you're ready to make Different happen now, this book delivers the planning methodology you'll need to make it happen. The writer addresses every aspect of planning well, from starting with the right mindset to creating a workable, reasonable schedule for achieving what matters most.


Step into Your Purpose

T. D. Jakes

If you're up for some massively energizing inspiration, Jakes' book will do the trick. The author encourages each of us to grasp a vision for our lives and anchors it all in the understanding that we're put here on earth for a purpose.



Jim Patton

Jim Patton's version of doing Different is to live life in the "turn lane." Through 40 principles woven into his charming, surprising, and encouraging personal story, he explains that life often forces us to live differently than we had expected. But if we courageously take the turns we're offered, the adventure is greater than we would imagine. 

Mike Huckabee calls Jim's book "the kind of American success story I love to read."

In case you're interested in my "appropriate disclosure" statement: The Get Book buttons on this page are Amazon links through which I receive an affiliate commission if you buy the book. It doesn't affect the price you pay, and I include these books here because I truly recommend what they have to say, not just because I'd like to make money from selling a copy or two.

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